By ordering a Call Me Ishmael Phone, you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of the Call Me Ishmael Phone Rental Agreement:

  • You understand that Call Me Ishmael is only committed to providing technical support to you and your Phone at one venue.

  • You agree to not alter the casing, branding or design of the Call Me Ishmael Phone without written consent from the Call Me Ishmael team.

  • In the event that you lose your Phone, you agree to pay $365 dollar replacement fee. If the Phone stops working due to physical damage accrued at your venue, you agree to pay to ship the Phone (+$100 fee) back to Call Me Ishmael in its original packaging. Call Me Ishmael agrees to send you a replacement once the broken Phone is received.

  • Call Me Ishmael is committed to uploading the stories you collect, but also reserves the right to remove any story from the network at any time.

  • You agree not to re-rent, sell, or license your Phone in any way without written consent from Call Me Ishmael.

  • When the period defined by your Rental Agreement expires, and if you decide to stop renting the CMI Phone, you agree to return the Phone and all its parts in the original packaging. If you do not have the original packaging, a $50 fee will be applied.

  • We are unable to offer refunds after the seven-day grace period.

  • You agree to use your Phone to help people celebrate and discover great books. If you have a different use in mind, please contact Call Me Ishmael before purchasing so that we can discuss your idea.