About Call Me Ishmael

Call Me Ishmael is a New York City-based project that invites readers to celebrate the books they love. Anyone can call and leave a voicemail message about their favorite book; thousands of bibliophiles have already called and over a million readers have listened to this library of stories.

To continue our mission of celebrating books, we’ve hacked a replica vintage payphone and created a new literary device, the Call Me Ishmael Phone. The CMI Phone gives libraries, independent bookstores, and readers like you an entirely new way to share and discover great books. Check out our press links below to learn more about how this literary installation is bringing communities of readers together.




Logan Smalley

Director. Musical Sawist. Re-reader of Moby-Dick. Keeper of Ishmael’s cell phone. Athenian in NYC.


Steph Kent

Writer. Boxer. List-maker. Master of antique typewriters and White Out for CMI. Californian in NYC.